You can rely on our top production, which is based on a long tradition and vast experience in the field of thermoplastic injection moulding and painting of plastic parts. We deliver complex services, quality and always bring a friendly approach.

Plastic injection moulding

We specialise in the injection moulding of thermoplastics and their surface treatment.

Every year, we invest in upgrading our machinery, in automation and new technologies. We offer our customers the capacity of ENGEL, KRAUSS-MAFFEI and BATTENFELD injection moulding machines, which are supplemented with modern peripheral equipment (drying, nitrogen injection, fully automated workplaces, etc.). We supply parts for the electrotechnical and automotive industries, household appliances, and pharmaceuticals.

We distinguish visible (i.e. highly demanding for production from the point of view of design and surface resistance), technical (these are very precise parts that must meet demanding conditions of resistance during load and movement) and functional parts (most of the remaining plastic parts for various uses).

Product size

We offer both small parts, such as caps for pharmaceuticals, to large parts for the automotive industry and air conditioners with a maximum weight of up to 4.5 kg. Top quality and precision is our priority.


We use injection moulding machines from renowned manufacturers for our in-house production. We use machinery with a closing force of presses from 100 t to 2,300 t.


We have been dealing with the painting of plastic parts since 2001, when we started production on the first painting line with 2 robotic workstations. We made a significant technological step in 2007, when we put into operation 4 new robotic painting lines that allow the application of water-based paints, including the possibility of using multiple colour layers.

Our painted parts are part of cars of many world brands as well as leading manufacturers of household appliances or air conditioners.


In our automated painting shops, we are able to paint plastic parts from relatively small to larger ones with dimensions of approx. 1,000 x 1,200 mm. Parts are preliminary treated with isopropyl alcohol, blowing, and ionized air.

Painting lines

Painting is done on 4 robotic lines with 6-axis ABB robots. The whole process takes place against a wall of water and with water-based paints. We are able to offer painting of multiple coloured surfaces.

Tools and control fixtures


We provide tools for our customers externally thanks to solid and proven relationships with our partners, both in Europe and Asia. The design and manufacturing of tools is a prerequisite for the production of first-class parts. That is why our experts pay the greatest attention to quality. Production of control fixtures is done in-house.


Maintenance and servicing of injection moulds is a key element in maintaining their long-term functionality and service life.

Our experts perform maintenance of tools, injection moulding machines, and all related peripherals. In addition to regular and scheduled maintenance, we focus on preventive and predictive maintenance, thereby extending the life of tools even further.

We have a wide range of equipment available:

  • CATIA software enabling spatial modeling of shape-demanding surfaces
  • 3-axis CNC milling machines
  • CAD/CAM software

CNC, erosion, laser welding and a 3D measuring center supplement our machinery.

Repairs and upgrades

We provide repairs and upgrades according to your individual wishes.

By taking over the business case, we guarantee that all requests will be carried out according to the documentation and your specification in the agreed time. We carry out upgrades as part of the production of the tool or during the production cycle. This service is one of the benefits of our company, which you will appreciate in the long term. We thank you too!

Assembly and prints

We offer the possibility of assembling products, which we carry out either directly during the production of parts or at a modern specialised assembly workplace. We are always open to your individual requirements.

Parts printing and welding

For printing plastic parts, we use modern printing machines for tampoprint and screen printing. We also offer our special workplace for foiling (so-called “heat transfer” and “hot stamping”).

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Customer service

You can count on our customer service. We will do our best to meet your needs, we will answer any question you may have.
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Production of tools and  fixtures

Quality manufactured tools are the basis for achieving our goals and product quality. We are able to manufacture new tools thanks to solid and proven relationships with our cooperation partners.
An additional product range is the production of measuring, control and manufacturing fixtures for the electrotechnical and automotive industries .

Project management

Once the project is granted, a team is assembled and a project manager is appointed. The task of the project team is the successful introduction of the product into mass production. While keeping in mind the aim of achieving the required quality and customer satisfaction.

Validation of input data

We accept input data from the customer. Drawings, 3D data. Our engineering team will review the manufacturability of the product. We use a 3D printer to print the part if necessary for further verification and initial tests.
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Plastic injection moulding

One of the basic field of expertise of our company is the plastic injection moulding process. For the production of plastic parts, we mainly use equipment from European manufacturers with a focus on reducing energy consumption.

Surface treatment

Another field of expertise of our company is the surface treatment process. Mainly painting plastic parts. Other surface treatment technology offered includes printing, foiling, laser engraving.


Okula is ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified. We pay attention to compliance with processes and quality. We are able to validate the part according to the most demanding customer requirements.

Packaging and logistics

According to the customer's requirements, we are able to prepare an optimal package design, including tests. We also fulfill the most demanding logistical requirements specified by the customer.