Our main focus is plastic mouldings for the electrotechnical and automotive industries, household appliances, and pharmaceuticals. Move forward to learn more about our product range.

Electrotechnical industry

One of the main fields of expertise of our company is mouldings for the electrotechnical industry.

This is mainly the production of plastic parts for AC units. Our long-term experience helps us guarantee the quality production of not only simple technical parts, but also the production of more demanding technical parts in terms of quality requirements, such as rotating parts, AC units or external cladding including logo printing.

We also manufacture plastic parts for telecommunications.

Household appliances

Another important direction and an integral part are plastic parts for household appliances. We guarantee high quality of these products, mainly thanks to our extensive experience in the field of plastic injection moulding and their surface treatment (painting, printing, etc.).

Active cooperation with established customers on the development of new colour options of painted plastic parts, together with flexibility, are the main features that help us maintain long-term and mutually rewarding relationships.

Automotive industry

We have been producing plastic parts for the automotive industry since 1999.

In 2017, we received our first certification from TÜV and we currently hold the most current IATF 16949 certificate. We manufacture exterior and interior parts and both visible and hidden parts. We also produce quality-demanding parts, such as centre console parts including finish. In addition to the guarantee, it goes without saying that the implementation according to APQP and the provision of 3D measurements are also included.

Protective equipment and other

Since 1955, we have been producing our own protective equipment, mainly safety goggles and shields.

For a long time, we have managed to supply these entirely Czech products to the European market, where they enjoy great success and popularity. Long-term high demand for our products proves that our quality and reliability is of a timeless value.

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Customer service

You can count on our customer service. We will do our best to meet your needs, we will answer any question you may have.
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Production of tools and  fixtures

Quality manufactured tools are the basis for achieving our goals and product quality. We are able to manufacture new tools thanks to solid and proven relationships with our cooperation partners.
An additional product range is the production of measuring, control and manufacturing fixtures for the electrotechnical and automotive industries .

Project management

Once the project is granted, a team is assembled and a project manager is appointed. The task of the project team is the successful introduction of the product into mass production. While keeping in mind the aim of achieving the required quality and customer satisfaction.

Validation of input data

We accept input data from the customer. Drawings, 3D data. Our engineering team will review the manufacturability of the product. We use a 3D printer to print the part if necessary for further verification and initial tests.
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Plastic injection moulding

One of the basic field of expertise of our company is the plastic injection moulding process. For the production of plastic parts, we mainly use equipment from European manufacturers with a focus on reducing energy consumption.

Surface treatment

Another field of expertise of our company is the surface treatment process. Mainly painting plastic parts. Other surface treatment technology offered includes printing, foiling, laser engraving.


Okula is ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified. We pay attention to compliance with processes and quality. We are able to validate the part according to the most demanding customer requirements.

Packaging and logistics

According to the customer's requirements, we are able to prepare an optimal package design, including tests. We also fulfill the most demanding logistical requirements specified by the customer.